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About Us

Michael and Li Wong combined their cooking skills and experience to originate Trail, BC's Café Michael Ltd. in 1989 after immigrating to Canada in 1981, and so began the years of successful collective work as a family and restaurant.

Their location features a large open-room concept which is perfect for accommodating parties as large as 120 people, accommodating weddings receptions, grad reunions, birthdays and milestone anniversaries, striving to make every dining experience special and easy.

As a group, they aim to provide the perfect environment for developing and flourishing your business, your family, or social/romantic relationships. They love to help you by looking after the cooking and cleaning so you can focus on more important things.

Café Michael provides consistently high-quality food in a timely fashion with friendly, professional service. While reservations are encouraged, they are not mandatory. FREE pick-up, delivery and pre-orders are also available to make your busy life a bit easier.