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    Now based in Rossland, Leigh was a practicing lawyer in Trail and the Kootenays for 30 years specializing in Family and Insurance law. While he was a successful trial lawyer, and still believes that some cases need to go to Court, he came to realize that, in most cases, mediation can provide a fair result which, importantly, the parties themselves continue to control.

    Leigh is trained as both a Commercial and Family Mediator and has been successfully mediating for the last 10 years. Typically, he actively involves himself in the mediation process to ensure that a satisfactory settlement is achieved, if at all possible. He is skilled at suggesting alternative approaches to settlement which achieve both parties' goals, but perhaps in a different way than originally envisioned.

    Going to court has become prohibitively expensive and is emotionally exhausting, even for the winning party. Sometimes the ''winning party'' still feels like they ''lost'' when all the emotional and financial costs are added up.

    If successful, mediation can save both money and stress. This is particularly desirable in Family/divorce mediation where the parties usually have to maintain continuing contact and interaction, but is often helpful in commercial relationships as well.

    As previously mentioned, the parties maintain control of the result, and are free to craft a solution which may be helpfully different than the standardized decision a Judge may give. (It's important to know that in no sense does he ''decide'' your case for you: His role is to help you come to your own agreement.)

    The process is confidential and ''without prejudice''.

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